Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to add money to your account via PayPal? ADD NOTE: "Payment for marketing services, not refundable", AND donĀ“t put address of delivery. Minimum payment $10 dollars (USD). Fee charges will be paid first time for me, next times by the client.

I have paid, now what? Open ticket support with your email and amount sent, and we will add the money to your account As Soon As Possible.

What is Partial Status? When an order is partially deliveredthe missing ones are reimbursed to your account. Few times for strange reasons we are unable to deliver a complete order, so we refund you the remaining undelivered amount. Example: You bought in 1 order the quantity of 10,000 and charges $10usd, let's say we delivered 9,000 and the remaining 1,000 we couldn't deliver, then we will "Partial" the order and refund you the remaining 1,000 ($1usd in this example).

I want to have a website like yours / I want to resell your services... Please contact me via Whatsapp or Facebook page.

Can I get a discount? If you add $1,000 dollars (USD), you will get 10% extra bonus credit. Or if you refer to 10 people that invest in marketing services (each one needs to add more than $100 dollars, and you get $50 dollars). 

How to get YouTube comment link? Find the "timestamp", located next to your username above your comment (example: "5 hours ago"), and over it click right and copy link address. Your link will be something like this: be sure that you got the correct link pasting it in your browser address bar and you will see that the comment is now the first one below the video and it says "Highlighted comment".

Can I use Youtube views for a monetizable video? Yes, you can buy the service that says "Monetized".

For Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube LIVE, when can I put the link? The link must be added once it's live or 5 seconds before.

What is the V.I.P. service? V.I.P. Support 24/7 for 30 days. I will answer any question via WhatsApp  / Skype / Facebook page or via Website Support.

What services do you have? We have all type of marketing services and will have THE BEST SERVICES OF THE WORLD with the BEST PRICES. We have bots and real services, prices can vary in real stuff.

Do you want to order a psychical thingOpen a ticket with address, name, WhatsApp and product ID.

Spotify streams are safeYes, we use hundreds of accounts to deliver your work. So everything will look organic, generating royalties for your music. You can feel safe ordering 1k or 10Million.